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Formation of a new committee by election at the AGM, September 19th 2017

by Alasdair Kay

A new committee is to be formed at the annual AGM, voting to commence now.

15th August 2017



Dear Member,
Owing to an unfortunate oversight one candidate, Denys Pogozhykh, was omitted from the recently circulated ballot paper. Revised documents are being sent to all members by email and the updated CV's can be found HERE. Please use the updated documents to cast your votes.
If you have already submitted your vote to John Day and wish to alter your choices please email a new ballot form to him as soon as possible - this will be used in replacement to previously emailed ballot forms. If you have sent a form but do not wish to alter your choices you need do nothing.
With best wishes

SLTB Committee


09 August 2017

Dear Member,

As you know, a new committee has to be formed and agreed at the AGM that is included in our meeting in Cambridge later this year (19-20 Sept.). The response to our call for members interested in serving on the committee was pleasingly strong, including younger colleagues as well as those with more experience. This bodes well for the Society at a critical time in its development, when the challenge is to find the strategy, direction and energy that will secure the future of SLTB.

The current committee has considered the possibilities for the composition of the new committee carefully, noting previous interpretations of our constitution, and the present situation is set out below. Also included are  some ideas of relevance that  will not affect the outcome of the ballot directly but we will put them to the new committee as recommendations from the outgoing one


  • Alasdair Kay, currently a committee member, has been nominated by the existing committee to be the new treasurer. This move from committee member to an executive position means that he can serve up to 3 years in this role.


  • Isobel Massie (Francis Crick Institute, London, UK) has served one year as a co-opted committee member and has been nominated by the existing committee to take on the executive role of Meetings Secretary. This means that she can serve up to 3 years in this role.


  • The remaining roles of Chair, General Secretary and committee members without specific responsibilities remain to be filled, and who joins the committee to take on these roles will be decided by a ballot of the membership. Background information on each of the candidates and the necessary ballot papers are attached to this letter.


  • The committee as currently constituted has 7 members and there is no compelling reason to alter this. However, the relatively small size of the current Society membership, and the urgent need to bring in new ideas and energy, strongly suggest the nature and workings of the committee could be reviewed to good effect.


Consequently, the existing committee would recommend involving all of those standing for election in 2017, in some way, into future committee activities. As we have had 7 nominations for this election this would mean that 5 candidates will be elected as committee members and the remaining 2 could, for example, be considered as associate members. Associate members could be called upon to assist in aspects of meeting organisation and Society recruitment in their home country, for instance.

Given the difficulties experienced in recent years due to the commitments of committee members outside Society activities, we believe that such associate members could help distribute the workload and expand activities of the committee, to the overall benefit of the Society. Additionally, the widest possible distribution of committee members between the UK and mainland Europe could, undoubtedly, strengthen our international profile and activities.


  • The outgoing committee will ask the continuing members, Alasdair Kay and Isobel Massie, to convene an online committee meeting at the earliest possible opportunity, to decide on who takes on executive roles and consider the suggestions put forward above


The election for 2017

The ballot that we are asking you to take part in is to select 5 new committee members. To support this process the nominees have each supplied a brief cv, and these are included to all members by email with the ballot paper. If you have not received an email containing your ballot paper, please contact any committee member immediately and request your paper (e.g. CV's for candidates can be downloaded HERE.


If you wish to preserve your anonymity you should place your ballot paper in an unmarked envelope and then place this in a second envelope and mail it to John Day at the address below. You may also return your paper to him by email.

He must receive your paper by the 15th September for it to be counted.

Prof. John Day,

SAMS (Scottish Association for Marine Science),

Scottish Marine Institute,



PA37 1QA                               



Prof. Brian Grout

Chairman, on behalf of the Committee 


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